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NBCA Mission
The mission of the Department of Veterans Affairs National Black Chaplains Association is to promote the highest level of pastoral care for patients and members of their family and community; to strengthen the effectiveness of African American chaplains; to assist in the recruitment and retention of African-American chaplains, and to foster the education, growth and development of all federally employed chaplains and professional allies.

NBCA Goals
To ensure accountability and competence of CPE in accordance with DVA and ACPE.

To promote professional ethics through education and practice.

To promote clergy identity as Clinical Chaplains and Spiritual Clinicians within the various health care environments.

To promote sensitivity and creative response to changes in clinical settings as they have an impact on Clinical Pastoral Education.

To affirm and celebrate historical, cultural and personal traditions without imposing or excluding others.

To provide the opportunity for personal and professional community in a pluralistic setting.

To promote personal and professional commitment to the vision of the Divine Presence with us.

To promote creative and prophetic ministry.

To develop cooperative relationship with all Cognate groups.